Go! Moments™

Growth and Opportunity Moments in Business

During the life of any company, opportunities, that can easily go unnoticed, will present themselves over and over again. There will be opportunities to grow exponentially. There will be opportunities to refine and find efficiencies to increase profit. There will be opportunities to exit your company on your terms. Knowing when and where these opportunities occur and how to lead people and manage your capital, operations, sales and marketing to take advantage of opportunities, is the key to developing your business’ long-term viability and economic value. Critical decision making during critical times of potential revenue and margin expansion is paramount to your company’s ability to provide value to your customers, staff and owners.

There are also ideal times to sell your company to the appropriate buyer and key times to acquire companies. Thinking about buying or selling? The Clendenin Consulting Group can help guide and fully assist you throughout the process from start to finish.

The Clendenin Consulting Group provides critical thinking by bringing 43 years of experience and expertise in entrepreneurial skills, professional management and growing multiple businesses with multiple locations. Not only have we seen the ups and downs and the expansion and contraction of markets, we have successfully grown our businesses, no matter what the market conditions.

That is because we have stayed true to a simple and powerful belief:

You cannot yield to circumstances. You cannot operate under the circumstances. You must be on top of the circumstances. You have to perform above them and do so on a level of sustained excellence. Being able to do so requires an aligned strategy that involves all business disciplines: Finance, Operations, HR and Marketing. In addition, it is just as important to have a corporate culture that holds the entire company together.”

Greg Clendenin

After four decades of practicing this ourselves, we are now helping small, medium and large size businesses to develop their economic and market value. Great companies, regardless of their size, demand extraordinary leadership, strategic thinking, well-crafted planning, teamwork, implementation and execution. The Clendenin Consulting Group is the company that can help you accomplish this whether for a project-specific scenario or long-term, ongoing strategic planning;

ensuring that no matter what you are going through, you will continue to move forward with clarity, confidence and conviction. The Clendenin Consulting Group provides elite consulting services that assist businesses in transitioning from “status quo” and plateaus into phases of growth and continual improvement by taking advantage of those growth and opportunity moments…those GO! Moments™.