"Greg clendenin is one of the great Captains of the pest control and lawn spray industry. When it came time to sell my company that I had built into a PCT Top 100 company, I straightaway gave Greg a call. The end result was that he found the right buyer and negotiated for me the deal of a lifetime. His work reduced my retirement plans by five years."

Joe Valentine
Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control

"I have known Greg Clendenin for a couple of decades as a leader in our industry. He had provided my company with consulting services and advice that substantially improved our profit and EBITDA. When I decided to sell Future Services that I had built into a PCT Top 100 company, I called The Clendenin Consulting Group and Greg Clendenin. It was impressive how quickly he was able to match us up with the right buyer at the price and multiple that I knew Future was worth. In addition to getting us the right price and terms, Greg successfully negotiated other issues that also mean real money in a transaction like ours."

Darrell Lee
Future Services

"When I decided to sell my company, after researching advisors and brokers to represent me, I decided to go with The Clendenin Consulting Group. Greg Clendenin had already built one of the largest lawn spray and pest control companies in the nation. After 39 years as an owner operator and selling his own company, he began The Clendenin Consulting Group to consult with companies on how to grow their top and bottom lines and also to represent sellers in the acquisition process. I watched Greg Clendenin from the outside as he built his company over about three decades. I patterned my company after some of the things I saw him do. It worked! When I decided to seek an advisor to guide and assist me through the selling process, he was the obvious choice; hands down. The Clendenin Consulting Group more than met my expectations. I could not be happier with the outcome."

Jim Fanning
Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control

Thought I’d share November’s performance with you!

New Sales: 104% over last year. Almost all of this was recurring pest control and lawn spray business.

Total revenue was 53% increase over last year.

We are sitting at 24% over last year in revenue November YTD.

Thank you again for your coaching!!"

Dale Mauro
Choice Pest Management
Ft. Pierce, FL

We retained Greg Clendenin and The Clendenin Consulting Group to handle the most important business transaction of our life, the sale of our pest control company. In just over three months, Greg's team was able to bring the deal to the closing table and negotiated a great price and terms for us. In addition, the buyer has taken great care of our customers and our employees. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. Vicky and I would recommend The Clendenin Consulting Group without hesitation to anyone looking to sell their business."

Dan and Vicky Cassidy
Owners, The Bug Man

Selling my business came with unique challenges due to our being a national company with both company-owned stores and approximately 30 franchises from coast to coast. Greg Clendenin and The Clendenin Consulting Group worked through all the challenges for us and we came to a successful closing after starting our company and building it for 41 years into a top 100 company in the USA. I always knew I would get here one day and we did. I am thankful for Greg’s guidance and perseverance from start to finish in this acquisition process.”

Jeff Van Diepen
Owner, CEO, Pestmaster Services, Inc.

Lawn Supreme was not the biggest company in the world but this was my baby. When it was time for us to sell, I spoke to a few brokers and The Clendenin Consulting Group really understood how the pest control and lawn industry works. It was clear that Greg Clendenin was the best fit to represent us and take our company to market. Luckily, I was referred to Greg by another competitor and boy he was on point. Greg knows the pest business in and out and was able negotiate us exactly what we were looking for and we closed within 3 months. On top of that, he had a relationship with my buyer so he knew what they wanted as well. We could not be happier with the new owners and how Greg brought us all together. I’m lucky to have had Greg and his team broker our deal."

Rich Randazzo
Owner, Lawn Supreme and Pest Services

We hired Greg to evaluate our business, and that was a very profitable decision for us. Because of his resume, which includes building businesses to $30M+, we decided it would be smart to listen to him. After visiting the company, setting up meetings, asking poignant questions to key people, and doing analysis, Greg delivered a report that detailed very tactical actions we could take to make our company better. He gave us many recommendations, which we will likely implement, but in the near term, he specifically noted our existing and new lawn pricing was low and that we needed a pricing overhaul. The percentage change he recommended was pretty high and was going to shock some people, but the changes were needed and necessary. We implemented these changes at the beginning of the month, and the results have been very, very promising. For new starts, our lawn pricing is 70% higher, and we are on pace to close 8% higher on leads this month compared to this same month last year. For existing customers, we raised our pricing 15%, and have had less than a 1% cancellation rate. The results of these changes will give the business several hundred thousand dollars more in profit. Thank you, Greg - you’ve made a huge impact on us."

Joe Goodell
Owner, Dave's Pest Control

Selling a business is not a simple process. Greg Clendenin helped guide us successfully through this process. His years of operational experience in the pest control business proved to be very beneficial. It made for clear, concise communication during the course of events. His knowledge and involvement in acquisitions over the years helped develop a step by step guide for preparing and presenting our business to the market. Throughout the entire endeavor, he was persistent, efficient, professional and continually focused on our best interest.”

Lewis-Cobb Ext.,Co., Inc., Orlando, FL
Roger Lewis, President
Rick Lewis, Vice President
Randy Lewis, Secretary, Treasurer

If you want to know the secrets to exponential growth for your business like I did, contact Greg Clendenin. I first heard about The Clendenin Consulting Group at a Mergers and Acquisitions Seminar after I had come to own two 27 year old businesses, one of which I founded, and the other being a competitor I bought. I had tried to grow both as big as I could get them, but their growth rate flattened at a place I did not want them to be. I knew the business could be greater. Greg's consulting changed my business and life in so many ways that I could not possibly list them all. We have been growing exponentially from his advice, and still are! This August, we grew over 80% over August of 2019. There is a new spark within our business and lives. Working with Greg was spectacular, as he was kind, concise, and methodical in his work. I cannot recommend him enough!"

Glenn Borochaner
President, Newtown Termite & Pest Control, Inc

I would like to express my opinion about my relationship with mentor and long-time friend and colleague, Greg Clendenin. It was my good fortune to meet and work with Greg more than twenty years ago. He was most instrumental in developing my career. In 2002 I opened a pest control company in Central Florida with two co-workers. Because of my exposure to Greg, we were fortunate enough to grow a very large, prosperous operation. After ten years with almost 200 cars and trucks on the road, and nine functioning locations, my team and I made a decision to bring a CEO onto our Executive staff. Naturally, there was only one choice for this position and that choice was Greg Clendenin. Greg and I were able to come to terms and shortly thereafter our new CEO took over the entire operation.

A few more years passed under Greg’s remarkable leadership, and after thirty years in the industry, I decided it was time to place the company on the acquisition market. During the course of Greg’s career, his reputation of acquiring and selling other pest control companies was well established. Obviously, he was the only option as far as we were concerned to form, create and arrange this deal. Within a two week window, the company “book” we needed to begin this process was completed and on my desk. It was absolutely perfect!

Greg continued to engineer the process and before long, just as we expected, he began negotiating multiple offers. When he was finished, he had come to terms with the right buyer for us. I have been comfortably retired now since April 2017.

It is with great confidence that I recommend Greg Clendenin to you, or anyone, considering selling your business or assisting you in taking your business to the next level. His connections, expertise and skillfulness in these areas are undeniable."

Joseph Patti
Former majority owner
Heron Lawn and Pest Control

I wholeheartedly recommend Greg Clendenin in any endeavor related to leadership, business or customer service.

Greg is a passionate, bright, ethical, entrepreneurial talent whom I would recommend to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.

Glen Rollins
Former President & COO

I have known Greg Clendenin since 1981 and have found him to be one of the finest and most capable managers that I have had the honor to work with. Greg combines great insight and wisdom with genuine personal charm and an authentic interest in other people. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Greg as a consultant or mentor will be working with a person of unique and outstanding professional ability combined with unequaled integrity and character.

Sandy Seay
Seay Management Consultants

I have been both across the table and on the same side of the table with Greg Clendenin negotiating the purchase and sale of businesses. In both circumstances, Greg conducted himself in an honest straightforward manner that advanced the transactions to successful closure and enabled positive relationships to remain in place post-close.

Graham Anthony
Anthony Advisors, Inc.

Greg Clendenin is one of the great Captains of Industry in the Pest Control Field. I had the opportunity to work with/under Greg Clendenin for several years at Middleton Lawn and Pest Control. During that time, an under Greg Clendenin's leadership, Middleton Pest Control grew to one of the largest Privately Held Pest Control Companies in the nation. Greg is a motivational leader and one with tremendous vision. Greg's result driven way of thinking and innate capacity of organization makes him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the pest control industry. Greg's ability to bring “others” along with him is something that most people who have ever worked for him will never forget. He is the “Trainer of Trainers” and a consummate motivator of people. His influence in any organization will yield immediate results, measurable growth and improvement to the bottom line.

Joe Valentine
Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control

Greg Clendenin defines entrepreneur. His skills helped build Middleton Pest Control to one of the largest companies of its kind in the United States. He is a dynamic leader of people and was able to hire, train, motivate and lead his team to tremendous growth throughout his time with Middleton Lawn and Pest Control.

As the CEO of Vision360, I have seen Greg’s skills firsthand. He charted the course for the Vision 360 team by balancing the ministry and business aspects of this organization. Greg’s track record of success lead Vision360 forward exponentially in a challenging global economic environment.

Al Weiss
Former President, Worldwide Operations
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

If you’re a CEO who is ready to take your company to the next level, you need Greg Clendenin. Greg is a master at identifying strategic opportunities for growth and for designing a systematic approach that will help you achieve operating results and exceed profit goals. He has a deep and instinctive understanding of business, a rare ability to balance short- and long-term results, the vision to set direction, the charisma to energize people and an execution edge.

Jean L. Seawright, CMC
Seawright & Associates

Greg Clendenin is one of the rare individuals who understands that advertising is an investment and not an expense. His ability to build both his brand and his business through smart, impactful and effective advertising allowed Middleton to engage customers, drive sales and move more dollars to the bottom line. I wish every CEO we worked with understood the power of marketing like he does.

John Ludwig

Greg’s leadership capabilities are second to none in the pest control and lawn care industries. He is a true professional who demonstrates honesty and integrity, and knows how to get results. Many of Greg’s ideas have helped me innovate and grow my business successfully over time.

Sam Hagopian
Excel Termite & Pest Control