Why Hire The Clendenin Consulting Group?

  • To efficiently prepare your company for the market and connect you with the right buyers.
  • To maximize the economic and market value of your company.
  • When you hire The Clendenin Consulting Group, you hire highly qualified Think Partners.
  • To get a fresh and objective perspective on the issues of growth, leadership, efficiencies, culture and marketing.
  • To grow margin and use cash from operations to fund revenue growth.
  • To learn multiple and innovative ways to grow your company.

Over the course of many years, The Clendenin Consulting Group has successfully closed well over $500,000,000 worth of transactions as either a seller or buyer. Our goal is for our clients to walk away from the closing table knowing we negotiated a great deal, you received a quality price and were treated extraordinarily well by our company.

A challenging economic and competitive environment calls for extraordinary leadership, strategic thinking, planning, teamwork and implementation. Is your company on the precipice of great growth and profitability? How will you maximize and fully capitalize on the current and future windows of opportunity? Is this the right time for you to think about selling or buying?"

Greg Clendenin