Testimonial from Dave's Pest Control

We hired Greg to evaluate our business, and that was a very profitable decision for us. Because of his resume, which includes building businesses to $30M+, we decided it would be smart to listen to him. After visiting the company, setting up meetings, asking poignant questions to key people, and doing analysis, Greg delivered a report that detailed very tactical actions we could take to make our company better. He gave us many recommendations, which we will likely implement, but in the near term, he specifically noted our existing and new lawn pricing was low and that we needed a pricing overhaul. The percentage change he recommended was pretty high and was going to shock some people, but the changes were needed and necessary. We implemented these changes at the beginning of the month, and the results have been very, very promising. For new starts, our lawn pricing is 70% higher, and we are on pace to close 8% higher on leads this month compared to this same month last year. For existing customers, we raised our pricing 15%, and have had less than a 1% cancellation rate. The results of these changes will give the business several hundred thousand dollars more in profit. Thank you, Greg - you’ve made a huge impact on us."

Joe Goodell
Owner, Dave's Pest Control

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