Testimonial from Joe Valentine

Greg Clendenin is one of the great Captains of Industry in the Pest Control Field. I had the opportunity to work with/under Greg Clendenin for several years at Middleton Lawn and Pest Control. During that time, an under Greg Clendenin's leadership, Middleton Pest Control grew to one of the largest Privately Held Pest Control Companies in the nation. Greg is a motivational leader and one with tremendous vision. Greg's result-driven way of thinking and innate capacity of organization makes him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the pest control industry. Greg's ability to bring “others” along with him is something that most people who have ever worked for him will never forget. He is the “Trainer of Trainers” and a consummate motivator of people. His influence in any organization will yield immediate results, measurable growth and improvement to the bottom line.

Joe Valentine
Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control

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