Testimonial from Joseph Patti

I would like to express my opinion about my relationship with mentor and long-time friend and colleague, Greg Clendenin. It was my good fortune to meet and work with Greg more than twenty years ago. He was most instrumental in developing my career. In 2002 I opened a pest control company in Central Florida with two co-workers. Because of my exposure to Greg, we were fortunate enough to grow a very large, prosperous operation. After ten years with almost 200 cars and trucks on the road, and nine functioning locations, my team and I made a decision to bring a CEO onto our Executive staff. Naturally, there was only one choice for this position and that choice was Greg Clendenin. Greg and I were able to come to terms and shortly thereafter our new CEO took over the entire operation.

A few more years passed under Greg’s remarkable leadership, and after thirty years in the industry, I decided it was time to place the company on the acquisition market. During the course of Greg’s career, his reputation of acquiring and selling other pest control companies was well established. Obviously, he was the only option as far as we were concerned to form, create and arrange this deal. Within a two week window, the company “book” we needed to begin this process was completed and on my desk. It was absolutely perfect!

Greg continued to engineer the process and before long, just as we expected, he began negotiating multiple offers. When he was finished, he had come to terms with the right buyer for us. I have been comfortably retired now since April 2017.

It is with great confidence that I recommend Greg Clendenin to you, or anyone, considering selling your business or assisting you in taking your business to the next level. His connections, expertise and skillfulness in these areas are undeniable.

Joseph Patti
Former majority owner
Heron Lawn and Pest Control

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